Ramadan 1, 1438 will be on Saturday May 27th. Ramadan Kareem!

The Chicago Hilal Committee has received and verified multiple reports from our contacts in Trinidad, Barbados and Chile. 

Therefore the decision of the Chicago Hilal committee is that the 1st of Ramadan will commence on Saturday May 27th.

Here are some important dates for this month:

Ramadan 1, 1438          =  Saturday May 27th
Sunnah I’tikaf begins   =  Thursday June 15th (at Maghrib)
27th Night of Qadr       =  Wednesday June 21st (at Maghrib)
Eid-ul-Fitr                     =  Sunday June 25th or Monday June 26th


The Chicago Hilal Committee meeting is now in session. We will provide updates periodically throughout the evening until a determination has been made.


The Chicago Hilal Committee will convene after Asr to determine the start of Ramadan. We will be updating this page throughout the night as reports comes through.

Please note, however, that sunset in parts of the west coast will be close to 10:15 PM CDT, so it is possible that a final decision will not be made till 11:15 PM CDT. Please bear with us as we contact our representatives throughout North America.