Ramadan 1st, 1439 will be on Thursday, May 17th. The Chicago Hilal Committee did not receive any credible reports of the moon being sighted.

(We are aware of the positive reports from Fullerton, CA. However, Chicago Hilal adheres to the Prophetic practice of sighting the moon with the naked eye. Therefore any incoming reports of moon sightings that were made using any optical aids are not accepted, as outlined in our procedures. See HERE)


Our contacts in Tennessee have reported clear skies, but did not sight the moon. Also, the reports coming in from Texas have stated cloudy skies and no sighting of the moon. We will continue to reach out to our contacts westward as the sun begins to set in those localities.


Our contacts in East Coast and Florida have reported clear skies but no sighting of the moon. We will continue to reach out to our contacts in the Midwest and provide additional updates as we receive them…


The Chicago Hilal Committee Meeting is in session. We are reaching out to our contacts on the East coast…


The Chicago Hilal Committee will convene after Asr (7:00PM CDT) to determine the start of Ramadan 1439. We will update this page periodically throughout the evening as reports comes through.

Please note, however, that sunset in parts of the west coast will be close to 10:15 PM CDT, so it is possible that a final decision will not be made till 11:15 PM CDT. Please be patient with us as we contact our representatives throughout North America.