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10:10pm CDT

We have received and confirmed reports of the moon being sighted in Goodyear AZ, and San Diego CA.  

As such, Friday, April 24th will be the first day of Ramadan 1441   RAMADAN KAREEM! 

9:45pm CDT

We are currently reaching out to our contacts in the West Coast. Skies are clear but no positive reports as of yet. 

8:50pm CDT

We have checked with our contacts in the East Coast, Midwest, Caribbean and South America – all reports are negative. We are now awaiting sunset in the West Coast, and will reach out to our contacts promptly thereafter. Next update will be at approximately 9:30pm CDT

8:00pm CDT 4/23/2020

The Chicago Hilal Committee meeting is in session. No positive reports have come in thus far. 


The Chicago Hilal Committee will convene on Thursday, April 23rd (Shaban 29, 1441) to determine the start of Ramadan 1441, inshaAllah. We will update this page periodically throughout the evening as reports come through.

Please note, however, that sunset in parts of the west coast will be close to 10:00 PM CDT, so it is possible that a final decision will not be made until 11:00 PM CDT.

Please be patient with us as we contact our representatives throughout North America.